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Gazette des mathématiciens

This week I received the last edition (April 2014) of “Gazette des mathématiciens”. This quaterly journal is edited by Société Mathématique de France and always contains some interesting articles on subjects related to mathematics.  There are 7 or 8 parts, but the most important ones are the following:

  • Mathematics,
  • Teaching,
  • Informations,
  • Books.


In this edition, we can find an article about the demonstration of the ternary form of “The Goldbach conjecture” by Harald A. Helfgott. Last year, I studied this subject for a talk. This article is a very nice introduction to this subject.

 Another article concerns the collaborative project polymaths launched by Tim Gowers, Michael Nielsen, Terence Tao and supported by many mathematicians around the world.

This project (polymath8) was about Yitang Zhang’s demonstration that established that bounded gaps between primes occur infinitely often. This project was an incredible success and this inititative is a wonderful idea. You can find more info on this on the wiki below:


In the Teaching part of this journal, we find mostly articles about how to teach mathematics. These questions always interest me even if I’m not a teacher and most of what I know about mathematics have been learned in books and articles. For most of us (if not all), the foundations come from school and the content of what is learned at school is a crucial point for the next generations (as it was for me). From what you learn at school you can then study by yourself, but the more the foundations are solid, the more you can work easily.

Actually in France, we study less mathematics at school till the age of 18 than 30 years ago. It has some consequences on teaching mathematics in University.

 Moreover there is an article about Marc Yor (died in January 2014) who was a very kind person and a brilliant mathematician. He misses me.

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