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La biblioteca de Babel

Internet is wonderful. When I was young (yesterday) it was complicated to get the info about some subject without going to a physical library. Today with so many people connected, writing and sharing online, everyone connected can study a subject without leaving home.

With Internet, human kind created a new library of babel. Actually this library is still small but growing rapidly. In his novel (La biblioteca de Babel) Borges spoke about a library containing all books that could be written with an alphabet of 22 letters, the period, the comma and the space. Actually such a library already exists and it’s not internet. Moreover there is not one library of this type, but a lot.

No idea ?

I am speaking about irrational numbers. In their infinity of decimals one can find all the books which has been written and who will be written in the future. Each irrational contains in its list of decimals the torah, the bible and the coran (to respect the chronological order) somewhere. Moreover what I am writing actually is somewhere else, not in one irrational but in all irrationals. Just think about it.

Whatever I added 3 links to myblog. They illustrate perfectly the richness of Internet nowadays.

The first one added “Magmas, Loops and Monoids” is a wonderful introduction to the most simple algebraic structures. It was written by Konrad Voelkel, a PHD student.

The second link added is an aggregator of mathematical blogs, to keep in touch with what is written in the mathematical world.

The third link added is arxiv. Just have a look if you don’t know it

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